Avoid Probabte With Our Guide


Problems With Probate


Probate costs several percent of GROSS estate assets.

Time Consuming

Probate takes many months to settle, and can strangle your business in the meantime.

Public Process

Probabte records are public. Everyone will know what you gave away and to whom. This is a boon for fortune hunters.

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If you don't like the idea of having your beneficiaries' contact information along with what they received published bby the courts for the pubblic to see, then you'll want to avoid probate.

Like to save money and time...and make things easier for your loved ones? Then, you'll likely want to avoid probate.


What if you own property in one or more other states when you pass away? Without planning, your out-of-state property may be subject to a process known as Ancillary Probate. Under Ancillary Probate, property that's located out-of-state may need to go through the probate process in the state where it's located before it can be passed on. This presents two potential complications for your loved ones at the time of your death.

Time and Expense

One or more additional probate processes means additional court costs and attorney's fees, not to mention the amount of time that your out-of-state property may be tied up and inaccessible by your family members. Plus, your loved ones might need to travel back and forth to facilitate the Ancillary Probate process, which will likely only add to the expense and stress already associated with settling a probate estate.

Multiple Sets of Heirs

If you pass away without a Will, then you'll have what's called an "intestate estate." This means that the laws of each state where you have probate property will determine who inherits that property. And intestacy laws can vary from state to state. The result? You could end up with different sets of heirs for different items of property, depending on where that property is located.