Unregulated & Private Trust Companies

Private Trust Company

Reduced Cost, Increased Control & Privacy

What's A Private Trust Company

A Private Trust Company (PTC) is formed solely to act as trustee for one or more related trusts. The PTC originally existed offshore. Similar to the Domestic Asset Protection Trust, though, it is now available in U.S. jurisdictions. They do not require expensive licenses nor are they governed by burdensome regulations. They allow you to control your assets without involving third parties.

PTC Benefits

Low Fees

Significantly reduced cost when compared to a public trust company.


Act as your own trustee and remove the middle man. Allows individuals and families to exert as much or as little control as they want.

Asset Protection

Does not compromise the asset protection qualities of trusts.


Don't give your information to large providers prone to data breaches. Maintain your anonymity.


No reports, filings or meetings.


Why Use a PTC?

High networth families have been using PTCs for several decades offshore. As trust law in the U.S. has developed they are now available more broadly. This increase in availability has also led to a reduction in price.

The widespread adoption has been driven by families desiring to lower their costs and increase their control. There is no public trust company to pay. This saves ~1% of Assets Under Management per year. This alone justifies the cost of set up. No third party to involve also makes managing the asset easier. Only you and the ones you choose hold power. You may appoint and remove others as you wish.

Wyoming Benefits

  • No Taxes on Trust Assets
  • Unregulated & Regulated Trust Companies
  • No Investment Advisor Regulations
  • Settler Friendly Laws

Private Trust Company

  • Must Contain "Single Family Private Trust Company"
  • Must Maintain an Office
  • PTC Must Only Manage Related Trusts
  • Anonymous Ownership
  • No Minimum Capital Contribution

What Problems Does the PTC Solve?

A PTC is the solution to several problems. You must establish a situs in Wyoming to take advantage of its trust laws. This threshold is met by the PTC which establishes a family office and lists Wyoming as its principal place of business. This ensures administration takes place within the State.

They also assist with confidentiality and privacy, succession planning, effective administration and cost efficiency. These four factors drive families to adopt their own trust companies.

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